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Boston Acoustics

home entertainment solutions and high performance loudspeakers. superior and innovative audio solutions,  great sounding audio products at an outstanding value.

Multiroom Audio
Multiroom Audio

Operate and listen to your favorite music in best sound quality in up to eight rooms (zones). Each zone can be controlled by a remote control units and remote control. Regardless voneinader sources can be selected and volume and tone can be controlled. Furthermore, the operation of an iPad or iPod touch app means possible. In addition to an MP3 player (USB) and an integrated tuner is also a DVD player. To connect an external device, 1x Line IN is also available. The MRS8 has 8 built-in stereo amplifier (1x50W & 7x15W stereo) via pre-programmable timer and an alarm clock (99 day / weeks timer). Simple CAT5 wiring to the different keypads.


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