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The basic package IHSI lays the foundation for a building Intellihome installation. This package provides the intelligent part of the system that the CPU Smart REG - includes. Whether it is the control of lighting, blinds, heating or multimedia components, such as TV, projector, Blu-ray players, Dolby - surround sound - system, and so is the smart REG-CPU boasts an extensive range of functions and their Kommunikationsfähigkeitt other trades through numerous interfaces.

Advantages and features of the basic package IHSI
- All the benefits of Intellihome system can be used.
- Central control of lighting, blinds, heating, audio, alarm,
Multimedia and more.
- Basic software for remote configuration and
(IPad, iPhone, Touch Screen, Home Builder).
- Prefabricated modules and functions for lighting, blinds, heating, etc.
- Advanced programming logic and timer functions.
- Fast and trouble-free operation through a pre-configured
- Cross-system communication based on Ethernet / IP
Standard. Thus, commercially available devices cheap and easy
be integrated into the system.

Integrated time switches, alarms and thresholds round out the feature set. About the network interface connects to the Smart REG-CPU with other network-compatible system components Intellihome, visualizations or Intellihome-home builder and can be easily integrated into an Ethernet network. About the panel components are HBUS (REG) modules and wireless extensions (external antenna, EnOcean switches, EnOcean magnetic contacts, etc.) associated with the Smart REG-CPU. HBUS using the supplied connector is the digitally included in this package REG-output module and the connected digital input module REG-REG-CPU with the Smart. The REG output module provides, via relays outputs (230V/16A), connectivity options for consumers 4. To the REG-digital input module can be 8 potential free contacts (switches, motion detectors, etc.) are connected. For extensions are different packages available.

- 1 pc Smart REG-CPU
- 1 pc reg digital output module
(4x relay 230V/16A (80A <20ms))
- 1 pc reg digital input module
(8x digital input for potential-free switch)
- 3 pcs HBUS connector

Expansion options
- 1x power supply package IHSI
- 14x basic package IHSI
- 5x digital output package IHSI (4x each reg-output modules digital
= 16 outputs 230V/16A (80A <20ms)
- 2x IHSI multisensor package (2 each multi-sensors, each with 24 inputs,
Temperature, light + infrared)
+ Extension with an additional 6 per package multi-sensors
- 1 Weather Stations package IHSI
- 16x dimmer pack IHSI
- 1x alarm package IHSI
- Multimedia Package IHSI
- IPad Visu package IHSI
- Audio Multiroom Package IHSI
- 3D home theater package IHSI


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power supply IHSI

power supply IHSI

This power supply is a high quality and short circuit protected power supply for the modules of Intellihome IHSI.

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digital output SET IHSI

digital output SET IHSI

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iPad visualization IHSI

The iPad IHSI visualization package is used to represent and control the functions of INTELLIHOME control system.

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Warranty extension to 3 years (Manufacturer Warranty)

Warranty extension to 3 years (Manufacturer Warranty)

Warranty extension to 3 years warranty for the basic SET IHSI and products which are affiliated to the basic SET IHSI. Also Incl. 5h support (phone / mail)

Warranty extension is required per basic SET IHSI.

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Visualization for Apple iPad

Visualization for Apple iPad

The INTELLIHOME visualization is used for the display and control of the INTELLIHOME system. It is included in the delivery contents of the  INTELLIHOME touchpanels. The GUI (graphical user interface) can be adapted individually to the customers needs. By means of a very intuitive way of  working and features such as transparent buttons you are able to create a very nice looking visualization in a short time.

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Homebuilder Software

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Multimedia SET IHSI

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Multisensor (MS) 8 inputs

Multisensor (MS) 8 inputs

The Multisensor measures temperature and brightness in a room and receives the infrared commands from a remote control (RC5-Code).
It passes these data and signals of the Multisensor - Inputs (for push buttons, PIR etc.) on to the Multisensor-Receiver.

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